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"Share the Music" on Soundcloud

May 11, 2012
Subterranean Arthouse
Berkeley, CA USA

Jascha Hoffman and Spiff Wiegand live @ Subterranean Arthouse Berkeley, Ca May 11 2012     

I am proud to announce the debut of my new soundcloud page called "Share the music". This page will be used to share the sounds of the performers and artists that I record and mix for. To kick it off I have uploaded an entire show for you listening pleasure. This was recorded May 11th 2012 at the Subterranean Arthouse in Berkeley Ca. Jashca Hoffman and Spiff Wiegand Sang their hearts out to a crowd of about 10 people.

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LDws, a rEvolution InTelligent

September 2012 HQ
Oakland, CA USA

A workstation that is reliable.

A workstation that is performance tested.

A workstation that is helpful.


I would like to introduce a new classification in intelligent technology for the live event industry, The Live Design workstation or LDws. 

An LDws is a computer workstation that empowers us to perform the outrageous, the sublime or the extravagant.  

A workstation that unlocks the vast selection of hardware and software empowered by today's major operating systems. 

From laptops and all in ones to rackmount workstations in flight cases, the tools that have become indispensable in our life.

The tool we use to deliver our presentations, create graphics and animations, edit plans or control the lighting, sound and video and sometimes all at the same time.


a rEvolution InTelligent.



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