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4k Cinema Under Control

December 2014
SVA Theatre
New York City, NY USA


On December 10, 2014 The Television of Tomorrow Show returned to the fashionable Chelsea district of New York City for a one day intensive at the SVA Theatre. The venue boasts two cinematic theatres, the Silas and the Beatrice.  Both theatres are equipped with the latest Barco 4k Cinema Projectors.

Each of the theatres is equipped to support presentations and panel discussions with a full complement of equipment including an awesome sound system with wireless microphones and switching for onstage graphic computer signals. I was looking forward to an easy show.

The Silas Theatre features a 50 foot wide full cinema scope screen and a Barco DP4k-32B Ultra-Bright Enhanced 4k DLP Cinema Projector.  The projector boasts a maximum resolution of 4096x2160.  Combinded with its 32,000 lumen light engine it is one of the highest definition and brightest projectors on the market today.  A perfect compliment to the onstage discussions related to the the future of 4k/UHD Television.

In process we learned that the house system was limited to a 1920x1080 signal path and that it would not be possible to make use of the projectors full 4k capability.  A great disappointment.  Luckily, we reached out to our friends at Barco and discovered what we needed to know to overcome this challenge.  Barco assisted us with exceptional customer service.  They provided the answers enabling us to overcome the limitations and make full use of every pixel available.  Barco even invited us to test the system at their Rancho Cordova headquarters outside of Sacramento, CA.  A priceless opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the same projector we would encounter at the SVA theatre. 

Onsite Lally Lighting provided the signal and control system for the Silas Theatre.  The system included a DArt Micro Live Design Workstation running Arkaos MediaMaster Pro media server software, a Black Magic Design 4k ATEM Production Switcher and a Chamsys MagicQ DMX Control System with a Maxi Wing.  The DArt Micro LDws was located in the booth next to the Barco 4k Projector and MediaMaster Pro was controlled via ArtNet from the Chamsys console located in the front row by the stage.

In the Beatrice Theatre Jason Dinneen provided Stage Management.  The in house graphics switching delivered crisp 1920x1080 graphics on the floor to ceiling screen behind the panelists.  Content including logos, titles and sponsor recognition was delivered using Power Point on from a Microsoft Surface Pro and supporting presentations were delivered on memory sticks for presentation from a Mac Air supporting both PowerPoint and Keynote documents.


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