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The Special Event 2014

Jan 2014
Opryland Resort
Nashville, TN USA


We are proud to have contributed our skills and talents to the success of the 2014 Showcasing Events at The Special Event in Nashville.  The Special Event was hosted at the Opryland Resort with a General Session, The Hot List and The Gala Award staged in Delta Ballroom across three days.  

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NYC Intensive

December 2012
17th & 18th Floor - Sentry Center
New York City, NY USA


The TVOT Intensive in 2012 engaged to provide a variety of services for this annual gathering of interactive television professionals.   At the Studio we worked closely with the producer to design the staging and content that would define the look and feel of the day. Onsite, we provided show management and operation services. 

Content was spread across a variety of display surfaces including three 4:3 projection screens and a 16:9 60" Television in the Wharton Ballroom as well as a dual multi-display featuring two 16:9 60" Television in the Union Ballroom. 

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Stock Media

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