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Mapping Every Surface @TVOT

June 2014
YBCA Forum
San Francisco, CA USA

20140610-IMG 7182

The Television of Tomorrow Show returned to the Forum at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco for the 2014 annual gathering of Interactive TV professionals.  The Staging Design by included immersive projection mapping across every surface.  

Lally Lighting delivered the mapping with Arkaos Media Master Pro running on a DArt Max Live Design Workstation.  Additional services provided by included Lighting Design in the Forum and Stage Management in the Screening Room by Vicente Cruz with Jason Dinneen performing the duties of Stage Manager for the Forum Stage.  Ernie Ernstrom served a variety of positions beyond his Staging Designer. Additional responsibilities including Content Manager and onsite as the Show's Technical Manager.  

In addition to titles and logo treatments, the artists at built a 3d Model of the staging and rendered templates from the POV of the projectors.  This provided a map for the surfaces needed to program the VideoMapper, part of the Arkaos Media Master Pro 4.  This enabled Lally Lighting to deliver the projection mapping with minimum onsite tweaks.

tvot 2014 time lapse from artchitecture on Vimeo.


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